Alezzandra Explores How Love Sparked Her Growth With New Video, “Water Me”

Serbian/Swedish international recording artist, Alezzandra, shares with us her new music video “Water me” off her debut EP, The Black Rose.

“Water me” starts off with Alezzandra alone in a room talking to no one. She speaks low and calm, reciting poetic like lyrics.

“I wasn’t only fighting myself, I was fighting him. We were lovers, but I fell in love.” To me that immediately draws a listener in. The words are dark, which is what Alezzandra is going for. The video then transitions to Alezzandra on the back of a motorcycle with a man and later on making out with him. The music plays, this mellow beat off with Alezzandra’s soft voice singing in the back. Then, it all stops. Alezzandra breathes heavily while this man has his hands wrapped around her neck. A quick cut shows Alezzandra back in the room she was in before, but this time she is talking to someone. A therapist perhaps. He questions her, “What happened to you?” Alezzandra tells all.

The Black Rose is about a woman who faced doubt from her peers but pushed through nonetheless. As an adult and throughout her journey creating the black rose, she learned how to conquer the obstacles of self-doubt, self-judgement and fear of failing and bloomed into a woman she fought to become. She allows her audience into her deepest thoughts and feelings through provocative art and her open discussion about the man she deeply loved and how he made everything about her so clear. He was the only one who could see who she really was and who inspired her with his words to transform. The EP is a tragic love story about the pain of loving somebody more than yourself, hating yourself and feeling disconnected to your truth and lack of self-power.”

The Black Rose and is now available on SoundCloud for those who love intense, dark, eerie, and enticing music pleasures!